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Hello, I'm Žiga

Who am I?

Creative, open-minded and always thirsty for new knowledge.

I'm a 27 years old frontend developer with a tendency towards web development and web design in general. I'm always eager to provide a smooth and pleasant user experience for the end-user of web (or mobile) application. My weapon of choice is JavaScript, more specifically React.js framework. I'm interested in UX and UI in terms of how we can influence the user through design and interactions.

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Frontend Javascript Developer

What am I good at?

Although my formal education background comes from the design and multimedia area, I excel at programing which I've been learning since the age of fifteen.

I specialize in JavaScript, more specifically the React library. Using hooks, calling lifecycle methods, rendering high performant components, interacting with external APIs, and storing data in state containers are my everyday tasks. Besides React, I also have a deep understanding of the Redux state management library and Sass CSS preprocessor.

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Some of my work

What have I done so far?

Optifarm Smart

Mobile app - React Native

Optifarm Smart

Online marketplace for food providers and consumers. I am the lead frontend developer for the project.

Technologies used: React Native, Redux, Styled Components, React Navigation, Expo

Tourdash CMS

Fullstack app - React + Laravel

Tourdash CMS

My diploma thesis project. Fullstack application designed to made managing website with accommodations easy.

Technologies used: React, Redux, Styled Components, React Router, Laravel

Optifarm Smart - Admin Dashboard

Web app - React

Optifarm Smart - Admin Dashboard

Online marketplace for food providers and consumers. I am the lead frontend developer for the project.

Technologies used: React, Redux, Styled Components, React Router


Website - Wordpress


Custom Wordpress theme development. I designed and than developed a highly personalized Wordpress theme, which not only looks great but is performant as well

Technologies used: Wordpress, PHP, Sass, Webpack

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I always like a good debate (as long as it's not about the politics ‍🤷‍♂️). Whether it's about a new uprising technology, a new idea that's tinkering your mind or about something as common as where to hike on a sunny weekend, I'm up for it. I like to share my knowledge; I know I've learned the most from asking questions and listening to the experts of this field, so if I can give some of this knowledge back, I am more than happy to do so.

So, if you think we might have a few words to exchange, connect with me via one of the channels and I'm sure we'll find a common language.